Spring is a wonderful season around the world. Can you label this spring picture with all the things you see at this time of year?


How to play: 

There are eight words under the picture. Can you put the words in the right places? Click and drag the words into the spaces under the picture.

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Easy peasy lemon sqeasy :-)

I Like this game very much

this game is very good game

it's very easy

Wow! MissSphinxNoodles! Even I can rhyme though.

its easy, but younger ones are busy. This will be quite hard for a younger one,

Cause younger ones are cruisey. Their mothers must be fussy. Cause for younger ones it may be a lot of fun!

How's it?

in spring the flower usually bloom and the leaves usually bloom too. all things in outside look so wonderfull. the spring is the most beautiful season ever. i love spring.