Do you know the words for clothes in English? Play this game to find out.


How to play: 

Look at the picture - can you spell the word? Burst the right balloons when they go past!

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its a bit hard for me

Hi CaptainRunningLake, Don't worry, keeping practising and you will get better.
LearnEnglishKids Team

Fun game!

this is great

I love this game! :)

Easy Peasy Lemon Squesy Piece of Pie Thats not a lie made it up myself am i not GGGRRREEEAAATTTT

this is to easy

The first time I get only 79% but the second time I get 97% ;). Bye now :*!

Hey all, first time I got 74% but 2nd time I got 100%.woah!

is very easy