Read about ways to help others then do the exercises to help you practise your reading in English.


Have you ever done any volunteering, fundraising or donating? Tell us some ways you have helped others or would like to help others!

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My mom is a doctor and she helps her patients

I would like to give money to help others for them to be able to achieve their dreams.

I like helping others! My friends who is taller than me, give me her clothes, and, when it's too small for me, I give them to my friend who is smaller than me, and so on.......

Yes,I did donating of my cloths, toys and books . I like helping others.

I love to help people

i like games and technology

I have ever donate food, money , toys, books and i like donate my old stuffs

I have done some donating.When i was at school,my teacher said:”Tomorrow you should bring some old stuffs so u can donating to poor people!”
The next day,All of my friends bring a lots of old stuffs like:pencils,toys,clothes....
But i even add some a little bit of money.I was really nervous.My teacher gives all of our old stuff to the driver so they can go to mountain and gives the children in the mountain all of our old stuff so they can use.

I have done some donating and volunteering.
I have helped others by visiting people in nursing homes, make lemonade to sell, giving my own books, notebooks, stationery, comics book,...
I would like to clean up public places, save money for the fund raise,...

I have helped a homeles dude he was nice and very aprichieting.I once threw out some thrash that was on the ground.It feels good to do god things for the world.I like helping others.