Do you celebrate New Year's Eve where you live? What do you do on New Year's Eve? Do you have a special dinner or party? Do you stay awake until midnight? Happy New Year!

Your Turn: New Year's Eve
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In Sri Lanka, our festival is the new year on April 13 and 14th day. The festival is Vesak and Poya day. Poya day is on Saturday and Friday. And Vesak day is on the 13 and 14th of April. We swing on swings, we pray for god, we wake up at the midnight, and play drums. (Example for drum in Sinhala) Rambutan. And we also make Vesak lanterns. We make Sinhala food too.

Sometime we put fireworks. and Chinese lantern.

I am 11 years old. In Denmark we celebrate new year with friends and family. We are allowed to have firework for kids. Thats is fun. We drink kidschampagne and eat a lot of candy. We eat very good food. The table is decorated with hats crackers and a lot of funny things. I can stay up as long as I want.

We make plan for new years eve with our friends and family. Then we go out for dinner and after we do some activities. At midnight we go somewhere for fireworks.

Yes,I celebrate New Year's Eve, at New Year's Eve I sometimes stay awake until midnight. Usually grownup drink sparkling wine, and I usually eat very, very good food. Yummy!

I celebrate the new year with my family . I dance and eat cake and other things .We blow firecrackers .Yes we have a special dinner . I stay awake until midnight.Happy new year friends

On New Year's Eve, my family always go to the army office ( my dad is an army officer) to listen to the army singing. Then we go home and watch fireworks on TV. After that my little sister go to bed, my dad my mom and me eating banh chung and talking.

Yes for everything!

In Hong Kong we celebrates New Year Eve. We sing songs, play games have a big feast and look at the fireworks. Sometimes we stay until midnight. Happy New Year!

Hi. Yes, we celebrete. I play game with my friends. My mum make special pancakes and we have a paty. I stay awake until mindnight.