Read about superheroes then do the exercises to help you practise your reading in English.


What super power would you like to have? Who's your favourite superhero?

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My favourite superhero is Wonder Woman! I would like have the water power, invisibility power, fly and wind power!

I would like to fly.

I would like the invisibility power, the light power (like Aurora in COFL) and thunder powers. Can my hero be Aurora from Child of Light? If I can well it is

I would like fly :)

my favorite super hero is spiderman and i would to have his power

My favourite super hero is captain america. if i had to choose a weopon i would choose captain america shield

My super power would be to fly. If i had to choose a super hero it would be Thor.

I would like to throw water,invisibility and fly.My favourite superhero is wonder woman.

I want to has flying power,I like black widow

I would like to have a water power. My favorite hero is Wonder Woman