Look at the menu then do the exercises to help you practise writing in English.


What's your favourite meal to eat in a restaurant? Tell us about it!

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I like this story.
My favorite drink is soda lemon and my favorite meal is chip ,KFC.

I like stawberry ice cream.

my favourite meal is the chicken curry with rice. it's delicious.

Hi, my name is Emilio, my favorite meal is hot cakes and nopales.


fried shrimp, beef, rice , fried egg, that's the best meal i think.
i'm from vietnam so there are many food i never eat such as burger, spaghetti, cheese, chip. Someday if you go to vietnam, let try Pho anh Banh Mi

Hello, I watch the Pho and the Banh Mi in a food TV program.
I from Mexico, I would like you could come to Mexico and taste the guacamole.
I would like to go to Vietnam someday.

GlassBrownMouth, Banh Mi is called "bread"!

I like this course because I learn more
:3 ;) :v

It was pefect.
My favorite meal is fish and chips with peas,fruit salad and orange juice.