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Do you agree with the advice that Alex gives? What other advice would you give?

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What are agreeing for

I agree with Alex!

I agree ALEX!

i agree with Alex. Because if you share your password to our best friend, they may do bad things to your account. My other advise is, when i random person messages or calls you to give them money or robber type and so on stuff, inform your parents!!! They will help you go through this situation.
Thank you :)

me too, I'm agree with Alex
DON'T SHARE YOUR PASSWORD without your parents!
Yes, if you receive a mean message about you, TELL YOUR PARENTS!
Be careful!

I agree with Alex.

I agree you shouldn't share your password and your account will be hacked you have to
say your parents.

I agree with Alex. Alex is good idea.

I agree with Alex . Passwords are private. You shouln't share that with anyone except your parents. Please explain to her . If she was a good friend she would understand. don't worry about that.(Thao)