Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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 I  like  this  site  veru  much  I  live  in  georgia  
I CAN  speak  to  tree  langulages:english,  rusianand  geogian

Helloooo.... My Dad knows Khashuri, Poti, Ambrolauri, Tbilisi....he says Georgia is very very beautiful.
Kisses from Spain.

 I can speak Russian,Ukrainian and a litle French and  English and  a litle Japanese. At home and school I speak Russian.

 I speak German and a little English

i speak english, french, albanian, 
little greek and spanish

you speak a lot of languages!!! did you live in a lot of countries? how old are you?

  1. Little english

Year, in realy, languages are very impotant for us!!! How can we make friends all over the world without them!?=* I was ashamed, when I read all comments! Some of you can speak about four languages... And I can speak only

  • Russian
  • And a little English...

Also, I''m crazy about reading books!!! It's my hobby! You can find a big, good library inside me!

i can spaek Arabic,little English,little Spanish.

mmmmm i speak arabic#at home and at school i speak arabic# sometimes i read english storys and sometimes  read arabic storys mmmmm and sometimes i wach english and translaion to arabic