What do you eat at Christmas? What's your favourite Christmas food? Is there any Christmas food that you don't like?

Your Turn: Christmas Food
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I'm Vietnamese. We don't have Christmas but we have Tet. In Tet, we eat Chung cake and chicken. I like fried Chung cake

I love Chritmas because I get lots of gifts. My favourite food is the cake with chocolate.

christmas is a time very good in my city, beside the food, is one time where you can leave and see the lights and talk with your friends. The food is very delicius because the families cook many things. they cook natilla, buñuelos, brevas sweet and delicius meats.


In Vietnam we don't eat chicken for christmas .We make many cookies ,milk.
My family like cookies and milk very much.

I eat Epiphany Cake and panettone. My favourite Christmas food is Epiphany cake. I don’t like Turkey, because it’s dry food. I’d like to have Spanish paella.

 i like to eat aapam and puttu .

I love Christmas so much, we all eat turkey with a wide variety of things and leave santa some milk or a mince pie at night before we go to bed!

 No there isn't. But I like more hot chocolate.

I love Christmas.On this day everyone is happy and excited.Everyone love this day!!!!!!!

My favourite food is "pho mai que" cheese tick. Because it is very delicous. On the christmas's day I eat a lot of cheese ticks.But my mom don't like cheese ticks so she don't want for me eat a lot.I'm very sad and go to my bedroom and start to cry.Now it a old story. I will eat a lot of cheese ticks and don't want to cry any more.