Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what do you do? What's your favourite part of the Easter holiday? If not, what do you know about this holiday?

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"I celebrate Easter, and I think my favourite part is that Jesus comes into a new life in this season. In my country, Mexico, Easter is a great time for kids cause the Easter Bunny hides chocolate or surprise eggs in the mexican people houses, gardens, or bedrooms. There is a very long Mass the Holy Saturday (the day before) and we bring a candle that is lit by the Easter Candle. Well, that is how we celebrate Easter in my country!"
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Hello my name is Diana and i celebrate Easter.I like the moment of Easter when you eat eggs.

Hello Everyone,
In April 5 Sunday in turkey ( istanbul ) and In we go to church and we celebrate Easter day in Philippines

Hello, in Italy I eat chocolate egg with a surprise inside. We celebrate Jesù's resurection. We eat a cake shaped as a dove. Happy Easter

Why do we eat Easter eggs?

In Japan we celebrate Easter we do same thing as UK.

I am catholic!!!!

Hi, I´m a Finnish girl.
Yes, we celebrate easter.
In Finland we dress whitches and go door to door and say "trick and treat!" then we get candy.
My favourite part in easter is when we get candy and when we dress whitces and look funny.:)
In Fnnish easter is pääsiäinen.

hi guys im new here my name is jo 

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Hi ! I'm Öykü.
I don't celebrate Easter.Because I'm Turkish and I live inTurkey.We haven't Easter Holiday