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hello,my name is Nguyen
yesterday i was at home but it very fun. all day I was at my mother and father room,there a sewing machines . and my mother made for a dess. In the evening draw a dess for my doll . Anh my mother ptromised today she will teach my  to make clothes for doll

Yesterday was my second day at school .  I am now in third grade.  I like being a third grader!!

hi my name is labeeba . I m from bangladesh but i live in qatar. yesterday i came in bangladesh for 1 month to see my cousins, aunts, uncles & grandparents.

hi I am Amila yesteerday I went to two tution classes I was really tired I went to IN & OUT (a shop) with my friend We brought faluda I met my sister there

Yesterday, me and my family went to see speed boat grand prix. it was the finally. The boats were very fast and looked dangerous. The cool thing about it was when they started the race.
It were one helicopter behind each racing boat. The helicopter followed the boat all the way to the finish line. I enjoyed it. 

Hi my names Akilah I am new to this website
YesteRday I went to the caribbean carnival where there was music dancing and lots of different kinds of dellicous food.Me and my cousins and my beatiful nana went to the fair ground but unfortenutily my mum couldn't come so that made me a bit upset .My favourite part was when we went on energiser.


Friends? please. (If I can find out how) I have no friends here.

I saw some movies and we went to the reataurant to ate lunch

Hello, I'm Chi( Emma). Do you remember me, let' s see about part 2:
                                                         Secrret of valley Takal( part 2)
-Mom: Oh, headache. What they doing devilish today? It verry,verry noise.
-Dad: They' re shuting pale and nail eagle hammer. I'm tired, today is sunday, I wish has a day to rest.
-Nobitasun: Doreami, I think one good idea! Today, we can take parents arrive one place quiet for they can rest. It' s a original present, and we don' t pay the money. It' s free.
                                                                       It the end of part two
                                                                    Seccret of valley Takal