World Environment Day is on 5 June. On this day people from all over the world can do something positive to help our planet. What could you do? Lots of little things can make a big difference.

Your Turn: World Environment Day
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I believe the same thought when it comes to talking about the environment.

 we should save and look after are planet

we should keep our planet we should not throw plastic every where :)

Everyone should care for our planet our planet should green clean am i right everybody tell me :)

 I planted 14 sapplings on the recent World Environment day.I also recycled lots of  plastic things.

Dear DJ August Forever

That's a fantastic way to celebrate World Environment Day!

Princess Pixie Pea (website editor)

 save energy like turn off the lamp when i get up

I will recycle the waste things e.g paper,plastic bottles and cards from milk box and use little shopping bags because they are very harmful for our health and environment.^_^

 Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I don't think we must help the planet only this day ( 5th June)but let's do that every day!!!!!!!who  is agree with me?

You have great ideas.
But i have 1 question.
Do you do these works which you said here???
For ex. Planting a lot of trees or recycle?
If w e work hard we can make the Green World? Isn't True That?
I hope all of you.
Good Luck!