World Environment Day is on 5 June. On this day people from all over the world can do something positive to help our planet. What could you do? Lots of little things can make a big difference.

Your Turn: World Environment Day
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Well , I think we should recycle garbage to the right containers . YELLOW - Plastic . GREEN - Glass . BLUE - Paper . We should use our bottles to drink too . Let's make our earth green . Clean air is healthy for animals , people . Don't just sit down and wait for nothing , sort all the trash and make our planet pretty !

Let's protetct our planet

i can recycle garbage and help to planet.

ghrow one hundred trees. keep clean the river from rubish.

World Environment Day is a wonderful day to help our planet, Earth. I plant trees in my garden for Envirnment Day but also recycle. Not recycling causes polution and polution causes illness. Polution is very bad and kills us and animals! HORRIBLE! Please respect our home, our only home as @PrincessSweetTree said. Earth is our only home and there won't be any more! We need to help it by recycling and planting trees.

The envirnment is our life.

 Yes you are right

We can plant trees and clean our playground because it can pollute us and we can be ill by many illness in the dirty envirment.

I'm Veronica, I'm 10 years old. For World Environment Day I wrote a special poem...
                                                                                Our beautiful home
                                                                                  Our only home
                                                                              With love and respect
                                                                               let's adorn our home...
And... I know it's a very short poem but I think you will get the message that the World Environment Day and this poem carries....
                          Thank you for reading this poem, Veronica

 I try to help the inviroment so I plant trees and other plants in my garden. I also pick up litter around me and throw it in the bin. If everybody recycles after them, the world will change to better!