Do you like watching television? What are your favourite TV programmes? How much TV do you watch each week? Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

Your Turn: Television
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yes I like to watch television. My favorite tv channels are nick and disney channel.My favorite shows on nick are Winx club, sponge bob and Victorious. My favorite shows on Disney channel good luck charlie, suite life on deck , dog with a blog. I watch tv everyday. Yes I have a tv in my room.

 Yes , l do . l like cartoon . l watch TV five times a week . l have not a television .

my favourite programs are TLC, ID, MTV...
my favourite show is:"Say yes to the dress". I watch TV a lot, few hours each day:)

i like watch favourite programs are:cartoons,viva and fashion favourite films are:alvin and the chipmunks,miror,miror and grease.

I like to watch TV. My favorite channels are Disney Channel, where i love to watch Good Luck Charlie, Suite Life On Deck and Phineas and Ferb, my second favorite channel is Nickelodeon, where i watch Penguins Of Madagascar, SpongeBob SquarePants and Victorious.

i don't watch TV a lot. my favourite programmes are MTV and ID.... 

I dont watch tv almost at all, I have seen only one cartoon I Carly it si really funny, 
I don't have a tv in my bedroom and i think that  i wont need it.
5 years

I love art attack,TomAndJerry and DocMcStuffins.My favourite channel is boomerang+1.I watch T.V when I get time.I have a T.V in my room but it only converts DVDs.


My favourite TV channnel is DW International. It's in English.

I like  to watch t.v. very much.  My favourite programs are: Sponge Bob, Fary god parents, Teenage mutan ninja turtles, Looney Toons, Regular show and the amazing world of gumball . I watch t.v. every day. My favourite chanels are : Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. I don´t have t.v in my bedroom but I would like to have one.