How many teeth have you lost? In Britain the tooth fairy takes your tooth away and leaves a coin. Is there a tooth fairy in your country? Remember, we say one tooth and two teeth!

Your Turn: Teeth
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your Greek and I am Albanian

  1. How many teeth have you lost?

Mmmm... Six...
        2.      In Britain the tooth fairy takes your tooth away and leaves a coin. Is there a tooth fairy in your country?
Yes, our country has the tooth fairy.
But, I do not believe in it!!! ^_^

my teeth are very OOOOOOOOOOOOk!!!!!!

 My teeth fell 10 times! But a tooth hasn't grown yet! My very first tooth that fell was when I was 6 I am 9 now! I am in Malaysia! Every time my tooth fall a tooth fairy will give me one RM! But there was once I was on a bumper car and I was so exited I ride with my friend Caitlin and I hit my Father's car and My Brother Aditya's Car so Hard I hit my mouth on the wheel and a wobbly tooth came out! The next thing in the Morning and I got 5 RM! II told my mum and she said maybe the tooth fairy felt sorry for her!

Thanks for telling us about your wobbly tooth that came out on the bumper car! That made me smile. :) 

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

  • 8 of my teeth

Hi, iam 6yrs old, i dont shake my teeth, they are strong like me.
none of my teeth has fall yet.

 Well, hello. I'm Ophir from Canada, here to say that i think my first tooth fell at the age of four, then my second, 6, then 7, then on and on. Now, i have one tooth lost only. That one, is going to be gone forever, but that makes me feel even more older by the day... i'm happy with my teeth!

We use tooth to chew,cuts and in my opinion tooth is also important.

hello every bade i am fatima form uae
i lost three tooth, i dont now if there's a tooth fairy but i see a movies about the tooth fairy and  watse they do to as.


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