How many teeth have you lost? In Britain the tooth fairy takes your tooth away and leaves a coin. Is there a tooth fairy in your country? Remember, we say one tooth and two teeth!

Your Turn: Teeth
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I have lost 10 teeth. In my country there is not a tooth fairy, but a little mouse who takes the tooth that you have put under your cushion.

I lost a tooth when i was eating pizza

I haven't lost any tooth. In Viet Nam there isn't any tooth fairy

i have lost lot of them now even shaking a tooth

I've lost all my teeth. In my country there is a tooth fairy too. Now tooth fairy doesn't come to me but is all right. I like whatching my brothers and sister receiving coins from the tooth fairy.

my left teeth never grows until 10 years old.

My  teeth   are  nice.        

Hi to every body! Yesterday I lost mu first teeth

  • I´ve lost eight teeth.
  • There is not a tooth fairy, but instead, there is a mouse called Ratoncito Peréz. It is the same as the tooth fairy, but instead of a fairy, it´s a mouse. I usually don´t put the tooth under my pillow. I put it in a box. Some of my friends have gotten toys and coins both, but I´ve only gotten coins.

 I really don't know how many teeth I have lost. 
Yes, there is one: When someone take his tooth off, old grandmothers says, if kids want new tooth they have to throw the tooth, which has fell, on the roof of the house. I don't believe in this story. I even did never try this. :)