Can you swim? How old were you when you learned to swim? Do you swim in a pool or in the sea? Do you like swimming? How often do you go swimming?

Your Turn: Swimming
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 Hi SilverWandIce!
When I was seven, I followed swimming lessons in an olympic pool and we used to swim 200 meters. Are you impressed? Tell me why you love swimming so much: I also like it, because I live on the seaside.

I love swimming! I first time "swimmed" at age 3, but i had float

Hello! I was 4 or 3 when I leared to swim. I enjoy swimming. I love swimming in sea and pool. I swim every Saturdays and Sundays.

i love swimming so so so mutch
but i am not sure about how old are me when i swim first time
i was 7 or 8 years old 
and i swim in the sea 
then i swim in the pool with my class
i enjoy it  


I cant swim, I dont swim often, i have swam only three times in my life, and i liked it
5 years

 I know how to swim.and I am at level 9.i go to the deep end.i go with my little brother.

I love swimming.I learn to swim in a pool but i like swimming in sea also.I leart swiming when i was 7 years old

I learnt swimming when I was 5 years old. I usually go swimming on summer. I can't go in the other seasons because in other seasons the weather is often rainy and cold. I like swimming very much. U ofthen swim in the sea but if I go hotels I usually swim in the pool.

I learned to swim when I was 6. I love swimming in the sea

Hi! I like swimming. I can swim. I learned to swim last year. It's fun. I swim in the pool, but sometimes me and my family go to seaside and I swim in the sea :D