Can you swim? How old were you when you learned to swim? Do you swim in a pool or in the sea? Do you like swimming? How often do you go swimming?

Your Turn: Swimming
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I love swimming. I swim in a pool and the ocean. I'm a good swimmer.

i am a swimer

I can swim now

I can swim, I often go to swimming class in a big pool. It's important to keep fit doing exercise like going swimming or playing football. When you have a dream of becoming an athlete, don't wait for a green light, start doing it!

hello guys! í am 11 years old and i like swimming

I am Bao.
Yes, I can swim when I was 7 years old. I swim in the pool. Yes, I love. I swim on Saturday and Sunday

Hi i'm Kind Gem 9000
I can swim when i 5 my mom and my dad helps me for swimming and now i'm 9 years old.

 I don't know how to swim.I will learn soon because I go for swimming classes weekly.

I like swim. I learned to swim for 2years.

I can swim, but nobody taught me how to swim plus I like to swim.