Is it summer where you live? Are you on holiday from school? Tell us what you do in the summer holidays.

Your Turn: Summer Holiday
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Hallo I'm Heshina and I'm twelve!I will get holidays on 15th june!!!

Hello! I am a new member! I come from Vietnam and I am Vietnamese student.
As a student, I have to study hard and this thing always makes I feel tired so the summer is my favorite season. I live in Nha Trang so when the summer come, I always go to the beach with my family. I like fresh air and cool water in the beach. The weather in summer in Nha Trang City is hot so going to the beach make me feel no hot any more. I love my summer holiday very much.
I hope everybody around the world will come to my beautiful country- Vietnam and visit Nha Trang City in the summer holiday.

it´s fun.i go to the beach,swiming pooll,play,no school,no stady...

My name is Patrycja. I live in Warsaw. I'm  nine.
I'm  free from school now.  The weather  is sunny and  hot. I've got summer holidays. In  July  I'm going to Kroscienko. It's in
Peniny mountains. in August   I'm going  to Turkey.  The rest  of my summer   holidays  I will spend  at my  greatgrandma's place.  

On 9th june I finish the school and on sunday 12nd I Ieft for a summer camp in the mountains. IT WAS VERY FUNNY. Everyday I swim in my pool with my brothers, my cousins and my friends.

Hi!I'm a girl who lives in Greece.Today we're finished school.I like summer holidays because I'm playing with my friends,cousins and my litle brother so much,without lessons and homeworks.But,I like and school.

 i dont love summer  ilove  swimming

I think summer holiday is really Boring.
Because i miss for my school and for my a lot.

I like this ,it6 is nice

 i like going to holidays  because my mum is from taiwan and when i go there  it is really fun because my nan and granddad have a shop it is really cool i luv holidays and i like going to different places as well as taiwan.