Is it summer where you live? Are you on holiday from school? Tell us what you do in the summer holidays.

Your Turn: Summer Holiday
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last summer holidays i whent to cancun and city of carmenthen i  whent to a tennis contest in Queretaro and finally i whent camping in puebla
next chrismas holidays i am going to the Rivera Maya ,Cancun and French

last summer holidays i went to beach

next christmas holidays i going to ride bike

last summer holidays i went to ciudad del carmen

I love summer.
Last summer holidays I went to beach with my grandmother , next chrismas holidays Im going to celebrated with my family

I like summer!I have a lot of fre time with my friends)

I like summer days.I go to the pool and beach summer holidays.

Yes, it is summer here in Romania and we are on holiday.
In the summer holiday I usually go to camps, like tennis camp, religious camp and Outward Bound camps.
I like going to camps because they are interesting, I meet a lot of kids, we learn and have a lot of fun.
Have a great summer!

This summer i am going to spain on a cruise on royal carribean international ship called liberty of the seas,it is the second biggest cruise ship in the whole world. we are leaving next friday, i am very excited!!!!!:-D

I love summer holidays this holiday, i am going to go a music camp