What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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I´m Paula.I live in Spain and today it´s raining, but last days it was so sunny and hot because it´s spring.
My favourite season is summer because I love go to the beach every day.

My name is Mahad. I live in Pakistan. Now a days we have spring in our country, today's weather is little bit hot and I like rainy season.

 Hi! I live in Serbia. In Serbia is spring now. My favorite season is spring, because in spring have a lot of colorful flowers, and in spring it isn't so sunny and it isn't so cold. 

Hi! My name is Tabish. I am from Kolkata(India). My favourite season is Summer because I get to have ice-creams and cold drinks, though it is very warm and damp!!! Today, the weather is cloudy and it is likely to rain!!! I am happy:-)

My name is İREM and I live in TURKEY.Season is spring.It ıs usually tepid and windy.I love seasons.The winter...It is usually cold and snowy.I like doing snowman in winter.The summer...It ıs very hot and damp.I like swimming and eating ice-cream in summer.The autumn...It is cool and foggy.I like walking and cycling in autumn.

 I was born in the autumn, but I love all seasons but the best spring because it is beautiful when all the colors and the birds and animals out of the nests where the skies are blue and green trees and red flowers bursting out kids playing in all parts
Spring is vital activity is friendliness and happiness is a fun and happy spring is all the meanings of beauty


I live in  Bulgaria.It's  spring  now
It's cold but  the  storks  are  already   here.
My  favorite  season  is  summer,because I go to the seaside.