What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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Hi , i am laiba! its summer and it is sunny today. i love winter! thats my favorite season! :)

Hello! My name Khanh, do you know me? In VietNam is Summer but is always rain because the storm. In all seasons, I like Summer the beast. Because I can rest and won't go to school. But I don't like this year because it rainy all day in Summer. The seasons I hate best is Fall. Bye bye!

Hello !!
I live in Burgos, Spain.
It's spring here.
Today is cloudy and raining.
My favourite season is summer because it's my birthday.
Have a good day!!!

I live in SriLanka.
I love Japan .
I went Japan 3 times.
It is raining and thundering every day.
My favorite season is winter..........................!

Hi, I live in Japan.
I am enjoying the games here!

I am mai .I woudl like summer because ican swim .this's great

hi am nour i like summer coz i like swimming & playing on the sand

Hi, i am from Paris (France). Today is sunny and it is spring time. My favourite season is summer. I like summer !!! Good bye.

It's spring here now and the weather here today is cloudy.I like spring the best because it's the best season for cherry blossoms.In April the school days start and lots of flowers bloom too.

Hello,my name is Sofia. I from Russia.But now i live in Finland.I have got a hobby it is a ballet.
I like spring and summer they are warm!