What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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 Hi, my name is Firuz,I am 10 years old.I live in Baku,Azerbaijan.My favourite season is summer,because my birthday is in June 

I love spring 
Becase it is not hot or cold
Its midum lol

Hi , i am laiba! its summer and it is sunny today. i love winter! thats my favorite season! :)

Hello! My name Khanh, do you know me? In VietNam is Summer but is always rain because the storm. In all seasons, I like Summer the beast. Because I can rest and won't go to school. But I don't like this year because it rainy all day in Summer. The seasons I hate best is Fall. Bye bye!

Hello !!
I live in Burgos, Spain.
It's spring here.
Today is cloudy and raining.
My favourite season is summer because it's my birthday.
Have a good day!!!

I live in SriLanka.
I love Japan .
I went Japan 3 times.
It is raining and thundering every day.
My favorite season is winter..........................!

Hi, I live in Japan.
I am enjoying the games here!

I am mai .I woudl like summer because ican swim .this's great

hi am nour i like summer coz i like swimming & playing on the sand

Hi, i am from Paris (France). Today is sunny and it is spring time. My favourite season is summer. I like summer !!! Good bye.