What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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My favourite season is summer because it` s hot and sunny. I can play tennis and ride a bike. 

 Hello! My name is Anastasia and i am from Moldova. It is outumn now. Today is cloudy. I like outumn, but my favourite season is winter*)

 I live in lahore. I like winter.

HI my name is Ali I am12. I am in Tehran. today is dry
my favourite season is summer beceas the schools are off
in summer I am play computer football volleyball
Tehran is warmer than tabrez . Tehran as hottest as esvehan

bye bye

Hi everyone,
My name's is a secret, so I well tell you my nickname: Melody. I'm from Vietnam. Now is autumn and the day after tomorrow is the first day at school in year. Today is rainy, I'm at home and learn English in my computer. I very, very love winter. I like the cold weather. I wish I can see snow, but in Vietnam not has snow. Some time I open my computer and  find pictures and information about snow. I like summer, spring and autumn, too. 
Postscript: All the season is beauty, do you think like me?
                                                                                                                                   Melody ^_^

Hi my name is pantelitsa!
I live in creece .
It's summer,today it's very hot today.I like summer

 Here in Italy is a normal, hot summer. Today the sun is shining.I don't like summer very much. My favourite season is the Autumn, when the leaves become yellow, orange or red, when it rains... I really like rain!! 

hello my is Mario I live in Costa Rica now is summer and is sunny end hot. In the I wear shorts, sandals, shirt, sneakers . Sometimes is it rainy My country is very beutifull

ln the summer . Today is very hot . l like summer.

It's summer . today weather is rainy.My favourite season is spring.because is my birthday! and we see
many beautiful flower.