What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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hello i am Herman. In  Greece it's hot. I am with a friend of mine playing computer games but I think it's time we should go out in the sun and play!!! ;-)

it is winter now. I am is Istanbul. It is really cold and rainy. and the snow is coming:)   snowball tiiimeee!!

Hi, I'm from Sri-Lanka.We have mostly summer in Colombo.We have rainy season as well.This morning it was sunny.Now it's evening, it is gloomy over here. And I like rainy season very much!!!!!!!

Its  summer in my country. And in my country snows in the mountains in this summer.

SUMERis cool ! I have a new friend: Edi!and i play every day ! im in the mexico is sunny and HI lady yellow time!i love sumer!

 I like autumn the best because it's cool. I can meet my friends at school. There are Moon festival in autumn  My birthday is in autumn, too!
 It's summer now in my country. I have a very good holiday this summer.

My name is CAN.I am from TURKEY. Today the weather is very very very very very hot and a little bit windy.It is SUMMER,it is JULY.My favourite seasons are WINTER and SUMMER.I like WINTER because my birthday is in DECEMBER and it is New Year.I like SUMMER because it is the school holidays.I go on holiday and I visit lots of places.In SUMMER i like to eat lots of ice-cream.I love ice cream lots. :)))))))))))))))))))))):))))))))))))))))))
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Hey, my name is Sanjidul and the weather here in Sweden is quite good.
It is a little bit windy and but it is sunny today. The season here is summer. It's middle of July.

My favorite season of the year is autumn. It is because the weather. I like it when it thunders. 
And I like autumn because it is my birthday then. I like all the seasons. 

Hello, I'm arthur. MY favorite season is WINTER. IT is WINTER in BRAZIL now  and  today in RIO DE JANEIRO is cloudy. I don't like SSSSUUUMMEEER because it is hot.
Hi , I'm LEO . My favorite season is SSUUMMMERR. It's winter in  RIO DE JANEIRO  I'm  BRAZILIAN ,here  in RIO DE JANEIRO it is VERY VERY COOL, goodbye.

In Hanoi is very hot .I like ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!! Spring has flower every were .They're soooooooooooooo beautiful.Summer is hot and I very like ice-cream.Autumn is windy and the moon is so beautiful .Winter is so cold .I love Christmas!!!EVERY SEASONS IS SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!