What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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hi, i'm from romania.in my country it is summer now , i like summer because i am playing with my friends                                     

hi I am Omar I live in Egypt , the weather is hot today. My best season is summer because I play with my friends,I watch tv ,I practise sports

I am Bogdan from Romania.I am nine years old .Here is sunny. I like this because I can play with my friends. Hy everybody!!

Hello,I'm From Turkey.İt's Sunny Today.My Favorite Season İn Winter.You Can Add Friends Who Want To ße

In Egypt it is warm in winter.

  • It is spring, and almost summer, it is usually sunny, but sudden rains and thunderstorms are very often in the streets.
  • Today it is sunny, not cloudy, not rainy, but sunny and nice. The sky is cyan blue, and it is very nice.
  • My favourite season used to be winter, but it is getting a bit boring, this year it was not pleasent as last. So my favourite should be summer or autumn. I love those warm colors. (I prefer cold colors too. But the warm colors go along with the sun and that.)

 Hello, In Slovakia it is very hot and sunny spring. I like when the sun shines. 

 Hello  I'am   from  India . It is cloudy  .  I  LIKE  THIS  WEATHER

Hi, I am SAAD from Lahore, Pakistan. I am in grade 1, studying at Lahore Grammar School.
We have Summer in Pakistan these days.  I like summer, because we have mangoes in this season.
best of luck to all of you.
Saad Mubarik

Hi, I come from Viet Nam, now in Viet Nam is summer season so the weather very warm because in the sky have a lot of cloudy and on  the ground have very many green trees, beside in the morning the air very cool because it have winds and sunlight. In afternoon, the weather chilly because it have a few rain.

Which is why I like it, summer! wellcome to Viet nam!