What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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The season in my country is the winter.Today rained and the temperature were under 10 grade celsius.My favourite season is winter.

 I live in RUSSIA!!!Russia has got beautiful winter!!!I like Russian winter,i can make a snowman,play snowballs and many intersting winter things!!!Russia has got warm spring!!!I like spring!!!Spring has got warm weather,when sing birds and all nuture clears up after long cold winter!!!Russia has got hot Summer!!!Summer is my best season!!!!I swim in the river,cycling,go for a walks with my best friends in Summer!!!!!!!I go in my villlage every Summer!!!Summmer is greit!!It has got many berries and mushrooms))))Russia has got wonderful autumn!!!I like Autumn!!!Autumn has got  warm weather,beautiful nature and my birthday in Autumn!!!)))I like all seasons,because they is very good!!!!!))*

 i live in Italy.In Italy it is autumn, almost winter.
It is very cold, foggy, cloudy and sometimes rainy.
My favourite season is summer because it is hot and I can go to the beach.

I'm from Turkey.In Turkey we live autumn.Today  the weather is party cloudy.My favorite season is summer:)

Hi Buddies!
I'm from Turkey. We live autumn in Turkey. This is very irritating! Cold,rainy,windy! I want summer!

Hi everyone! I'm from TÜRKİYE.Although here in autumn todey is sunny.Offf I want snow,rain and could.But  here is a little hot.By.

I love summer because I like the sea.I love snow and my brother...

  I  live  in   pakistan.
here  is  pleaseant   weather.
I  like    windy    weather. 

I live in Netherlands, It's now indian summer, I like the sun, I like the summer. :P

I   live in  Pakistan.  
What   is  Indian     summer.