What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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  •  today we have on morning and afternoon we have sun and on night or if the sun go we have wind it is so cold    my favourite  seson is snow but we do not have snow because we live in bahrain 

The station here is doing for spring, but cold. My favorite season is summer, I love it.Today is a little cold.

I am from Albania.My favorite seasons is summer,because I eat ice-cream.

i live in slovenia and there is spring. today is sunny. my favorite season is summer. 

I live in Turkey here. Now is winter, but my favorite season is Summer. winter is  very very cold here .there are tulips in spring.  My  birthday is in december in winter.
greetings from turkey

I love seasons but my favourite season is summer I live in England.

i love all seasons i live in Armenia and all seasons are very beautiful in Armenia

My   favourite  seasons  are  spring  and  summer .My  birthday  is  in  summer. In  spring  are  mother's   day, womens  day,  and  my  mothers  birthday  in 22march,  I  love  spring  and  summer  vey  much

In my country, Romania, it's the beginning of spring. Today, it was cold, but I hope that the weather will start to warm up. My favourite season it's summer, because I like to go to the seaside.