What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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i live in india. today is autumn, it is very cold and chilling today. my favourite season is spring. different kind of flowers bloom in this  season.i love flowers.

Hi, i live in Venice
here it is autumn
today the weather is sunny and cloudy and cold
my favourite season is summer because it is hot and i go to the beach

I live in Tarnow
It is raining today
It is autumn
In Poland autumn is rainy,windy and cold
My favorite season is summer because it is hot and sunny

I Live in Pakistan.It is summer season but i like winter season beacouse i go on Iceland

 I am Alyssa!
It's MONSOON in Calcutta..It didn't rain today (as usual it DIDN'T rain today.you don't know that over here it don't rain much in Monsoon).
I like Spring because that's the time when my birthday comes,Monsoon because I love to play in the rain. 

its sunny today (summer) and i like Spring and Summer because i like the sun and i like to see the flowers and play out (BasketBall and stuff...)

I like summer because in our town we get to go swimmingm i go camping, biking,walking,fishing, that is mostly all!

I live in Jordan
its sunny today
we are in summer season

HELLO! I am from Argentina. It is winter soon (on June 21th) Today it is cold and cloudy. My favourite season is winter because....  I do not know. In winter I wear a coat, scurff,gloves, a cap, an overcoat, socks, pants and boots. I eat "polenta" ( corn flour with cheese and we eat it very hot, it is delicious)

at summer i go to swimming
at auttum i go to joging
i from vietnam