Tell us all about your school. What are the best and the worst things about your school? 

Your Turn: School
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i like my teacher beacuse she is very nice and she learn about country and langusges them.i injoy that of

hi i am from Iran toooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 i like my school because i get the knowledge about all subject and i play with my friends

I  love my school .
It  big .  It has  lavge  classroom . I like all subjects .  I  vant  to be a diplomat .

i love my school because i can meet my all friends at the school and make fun with them.

   Hi , I'm Minh .
   My school is very big . It has 3 floors with many classrooms . There is also a computer room for us to study    I.T ( Information Technology ) too . My schoolyard has many trees and flowers . It also has a basketball ground for students to play and practise basketball . Behind the basketball ground is the cafeteria , where the students can go to buy food , drinks and relax after a hard-working hour of study .

Hi Minh/PrincessWater9,
How old are you?

In my school, we have thirty six classroom. In one classroom there a TV. My classrom is very special

  1. Good ******

Now I am going to  write about my school. I'm from Istanbul, Turkey.My school is great,I have fun in every class.
Also our  yard is huge. I like my school because it is big and I have a lot of good friends. We wear school uniforms everyday but on Wednesdays we can wear our own clothes. Thank you for reading it.