Tell us all about your school. What are the best and the worst things about your school? 

Your Turn: School
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Hi, my name is Martina, I'm 11 years old and I live in Riccione ,Italy. I like my school very much. I love my Teachers!!! My favourite subjects are History , Art ,English . In September I will go to high school .

I am Anuttama.
I am from Kerala.
I love my school very very very very very much!!!!!

Hello,i'm from Vietnam.This year,i'm 10 years old.I still in the Junior School.My school's name is Dong's such a beautiful and big school.There are a lot of trees.The trees are very very tall and huge,they can grow up to 35 m.The tallest even taller than the highest floor of the school,we can't see the top of it.I really like it-my lovely school...The best subject is Math,i think so,because it's very interesting,help us day by day more clever.Math is the most important subject   >''< ~

I love my shool! It's small and pretty ,there are about 3000 students in it. I'm in Class 4 Grade 6,and I will left the shool,because I 'm old enough to go to the junnor hidh school.I can't foget my classmates and teachers,and my matherschool! 

I am so happy  in my school because I play with my friends in the school. We have a lunch together. We are also happy when we go back home with ferry.

I like everything about my school except for the art classes.....I am not a very good artist.......

i like my teacher beacuse she is very nice and she learn about country and langusges them.i injoy that of

hi i am from Iran toooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 i like my school because i get the knowledge about all subject and i play with my friends

I  love my school .
It  big .  It has  lavge  classroom . I like all subjects .  I  vant  to be a diplomat .