Tell us all about your school. What are the best and the worst things about your school? 

Your Turn: School
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I love my school very much. it teaches me good stuff

Hi! I'm Mireia.
I love my school!
i'm a very very good student.
The school is fantastic because i'm learning very!

hi my name is muralidhara. my brother is in same school. In my class there are 20 students.

 Hi!My name is Nikolina and I am from Montenegro :D
I like my school besause i have great friends,good teachers,great headmaster (her name is Marijana and she teached Englis),good atmosfer.Then we have great woman who sels food(her name is Stanka XD)
My lessons are begining at 07:30.Our school is deferent from schools which are in Britain because we don't wear uniforms and we don't have lunch time.That's THE END.

l dont english :(

Hello everybody. I'm Angelina and I'm 9. I like my school and teachers, the best thing in my school is IT lessons, Economics and English. The worst - our lessons start at 8 o'clock, it's hard for me to get up early in the morning.

Hi everyone!
I'm Ksusha from Ukraine. I like my school, I like teachers and children in it! Our lessons begin at 8:30. We have six or seven lessons a day! We usually read texts, learn grammar rules, write sentences on the blackboard and do a lot of exercises.
After a hard day at school I go home. I usually come back home at three o'clock and have my dinner. After dinner I do my homework.There is so much homework...I don't have time to do it bacause I'm going to ballrom dancing and have additional English lessons.

I am Alfred from Albania. I'm ten years old and  my fauforite school subject are English and Maths.My teachers are very nice. I'm a perfect student .
                                                                                   The end 

I'm Paloma from Barcelona.   I like my school because I can see my friends. I like my teacher because she treats me really well.

Hi Paloma I am Nanda from Indonesia.I am ten years old, I also like my teacher,my friend,and my school. May I now more about you???
Will you tell me about your Country?