Tell us all about your school. What are the best and the worst things about your school? 

Your Turn: School
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I like school. I can meet my friends in the school. I most like break time. At that time I can play with friends during having snacks and lunch. There are friends who will play with me and there are also will not. But it’s up to them.

In these two weeks I spent my holiday at home and only several days at my grandmother’s house. Though holiday, I remain spare my time for learning english and computer. I want to talk english very well and learn to know computer as well.

I wish to go to school immediately and meet my friends and teacher again. Tomorrow morning, the school will already begin. I wish this semester better than last semester. I will learn hard and don’t want to spent my time at home only watching television and surving internet. I am sure, if I learn hard, then I can get good mark in the school. I am learning today, because I want to have my best future.

my name is hafiza.I read my lessons well.I am from Azerbaijan.I like English lesson and Azerbaijan language.

Hi Im Bora from Albania !
My school is great .My teacher's are great too .I love school becouse i learn things i dont now .Of course i have fun too .:D

Why I love school? I love it because I can meet all my friends while learning new stuff everyday. It's fun and interesting all in one.

Hi, I'm White swimming Hamster - from Vietnam 
I love my school so much. In the school's yark , there are a lot flowers and trees. There are 30 class room. I'm in class 5. My teacher is so funny , he is a very good teacher.There are a lot of  good student in my school. My school is pink.

Hi!My name is Fathima.Nice to meet you.I am from qatar.

I love school a good student and is very funny learn things you don't know.


Hi! My name is Ksenia. At school me call the young child because I passed to them from the first class to the second! If honestly I love the school!

 Hi Ksenia. Ksenia is Russian name, are you from Russia?