Tell us all about your school. What are the best and the worst things about your school? 

Your Turn: School
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my new school is the best because i have many friends and my teachers are great!!

Hi! I'm from Russia and i'm in Naval Cadets School. It's cool, you can say. But I think it's dull school. This year, I'm will go to other school.

I'm from Indonesia! I love my school! The worst thing in my school is just Math and Science.. x(

I like my school.The teachers are very smart. But the classes are not repaired. It is comfortable to learn in my school.I like all subjects. I want to learn well to become a journalist. 

Do you really want to be a journalist? Wow! 

 hi, my name is Marianna, in my school i have a lot of friends

My school life is so interesting that I miss it at weekends. It is important to go to school because we learn a lot of things at school. 

hello i m suada i m ten years old my school is fun

Hi ! My name is Shishir. I am a boy. I am 6 years old. I love my school very much !