Tell us all about your school. What are the best and the worst things about your school? 

Your Turn: School
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Your school even not has many student then my school YelloCaterpill...! My school over 3000 student and, my school is the best school in the town! Fantastic right????:) name is ayoub im  nine years old  i lake my shcool bikoos i have my frand.also i lake matimatik

 I don't go to school yet, but i have seen it, it has a big playground and lots of benches.
The school house itself is  colourful and a big school sign next to a big gate.
But i'm scared of the bullies, because I'm not a people person.
5 years

  1.  I love my school
  2. My school have a swimming pool,many toys, a music room have 3 piano class and a big organ class. There are many classroom. There have a library too, a computer room and the art room. My school have a kindergarten, primary education too. My school name is V.I.P. Its mean very intelligent pupil. Its in Vietnamese. Im from Vietnamese
  3. I like my school very much 
  4. Its very beutiful and big
  5. The school have the colors are yellow and purple

Hi! my name is Roya.i am 11.i live in baku.i like my school.i am in six form.there are many rooms in our school.i like each rooms but i hate our room.because it is very small.i like my school because it is very shool is always clean and nice.we have two sport grounds.there is one sport ground in the school yard,and one is inside.i like my school very much.

I like my school .the colour of the building is my favourite and it has an art room,computer room and a singing room.i have many friends and i love to play with them. i like my teachers as they are always ready to help us with a smile.

 My  school's  awesome.Lovely.Cool.Good.Yayyy!!!But  the  homework.The  World's   Biggest  Sad  Story.

Hi! My name is Maya, I am 10 years old and I am living in Gibraltar but I am from Sweden.
I like my school, I like my teachers and my friends. I don't like the playground, it's stony and hard, the playground I had in Sweden was green with trees and swings. My favourite subjects are Maths. P.E. and Art, my worst lesson is Spanish.

my school is educare,all the teachers are very good we wear uniform,but i dont like do my homework.