Do you like riding a bike? How old were you when you learned to ride a bike? What's your bike like? How often do you ride your bike and where do you go? Do you always wear a helmet?

Your Turn: Riding A Bike
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i like riding my bike, i learnt riding a bike when i was 8 or 9 years old ,my bike is sparkling pink with white marks

I like riding a bike but I don't know how to ride! I practise everyday and I hope I can ride well one day. My favourite bike is a blue and light bike.

i like riding a bike is green.

I like riding a bike,but I don't ride it often because i have a lot of tests and I have to study. I know this is strange,but I learned to ride a bike when i was 8. My bike is black. I don't often wear a helmet. I ride it across my neighborhood,I go to school with it etc.

i have a pink bike it was broken when i was 10 years i learnt how to ride them about 6 years.

hello. i hate to ride my bike, it is very boring.
i am so lucky, because when my dad wants me to ride my bike with him, there is always something that doesen't let us.
i am very happy when that happens.

I love riding bikes! I wear a helmet while riding bikes because i drive very fast sometimes. My cycle is in blue and yellow but though i am a girl, i ride boys cycle because it goes very fast. And hi Amulet Unicorn Necklace i also ride on the same days you do! Can we be friends?

I like ride a bike and I learn this when I was five years old. I alwyse ride on my bike with helmet.

Yes,i like riding a bike. I learned to ride a bike when i was 4 or maybe 5 years old.My bike is purple and pink and i always wear a helmet when i ride it. I ride it in parks every Wednesday,Friday and in the weekends.