Do you like reading? Do you have a favourite book or comic? Tell us all about what you like to read here.

Your Turn: Reading
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I love Books


i aboslutley love to read and my favourite book is candyfloss by jacueline wilson or hetty feather also by jacueline wilson. I think reading is fun and relaxing

Reading is the best way to be a smart person, that is why one of my hobbies is reading

ohhhhhhhhhhh, I like reading very much ! my favourite books are these:

  • DIARY of a wimpy kid
  • Percy Jackson and the olympians:The Lightning Thief
  • DIARY of a wimpy kid 2:Rodrick Rules

I like reading books my favourite book is 'The Enormus crocodile,

My fav book is Black Beauty and The Wizard Of Oz!!!!!!

My favourite too ! I also like The Secret Garden.

  I love read ! ! !
My favourite book is "Almost Ghost" by J.R.L.Stain. Thats fantastic !

 Hi, i love reading i find it very relaxing , it is also fun , i get into books very quickly ! I love reading about animals and adventure also i like reading about action !  
Can you recommend books for my age 10/11