Do you like reading? Do you have a favourite book or comic? Tell us all about what you like to read here.

Your Turn: Reading
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i like reading coz, it increase my knowledge!
my favorite book is about science fiction and documentary
i love biography too!
ummm... miss lucky mouse...  i'd like to be your friend! 

i love read books!!my favourite books are about Egypt!!i dont love read comics,but i love to read magazines!!!

 I like reading stories. 
moral  stories
An island of trees

 My favorite books are-

  1.  Tintin
  2. Famous five
  3. Bone

 I love books and I read everyday. My favourite books are all about dinosaurs, I love Brachiosaurus and Monoclonius. 

  •  nancy drew
  • judy blum
  • dork diares
  • diary of the wimpy kid
  • fudge
  • bad kitty

I like reading books .My favourite book is : When the sun... that book is written by Georgia Sari. The book is aboyt the second war of the world and says how lived the kids in Greece .
that I have for you friends buy

I LOVE READING i like to read adventure and barbie stories my favourite story book name is snow white i love this website because its very interesting website and it is helpfull to improve our english

I like to read sherlock holmes books.

i don't like a read many books but here is a everysing very interesting. My favourite book is a "David Koperfilde" by Charlz Dikens. It's about a one littel boy's who is a very interesting. This is a one reason why you must read it!