Do you like reading? Do you have a favourite book or comic? Tell us all about what you like to read here.

Your Turn: Reading
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Yes, I love to read.
I do not really like science fiction books or those of magic.
Prefer a lot more novels. Since I love horses, I often read of books that are called Heartland.
The publisher is Einaudi Ragazzi and the writer is Lauren Brooke.
Some of these books also make ​​me cry, sometimes for joy and sadness for others. Without books I would be bored forever! Bye
Ps: I also love to write and this is why I'm trying to publish a book.

It's unbelievable! When I read your lines I thought you're my twin sister! Me too I like writing and I finished about five books which are waiting to be published (in the sense that I completed them and I'd like so much to see them published). Good luck to you! Bye.

Hello !

I love reading very much.
Because I have holidays I`m joining a reading-compatition.
I read already twenty books in the last week.
I want to read another twenty books then I´m "reading king".


Hi CookingGeckoTree!

We're glad you like reading! It's a great way to practise English! After you are "reading king", tell us which book you liked best!

Is anyone else reading so many books in the holidays?

LearnEnglish Kids team

I love Jacqueline Wilson! I have read all her books

i love reading...
my favourite book is:"Crimes of love" or something like that, i am not sure how is it my class nobody read books... 

I like read a books. but i don't like science books
My favourite books is 'The Anne diary','Hen comes out the

 my favourites books are:

  • where the trees sing
  • the book of portals
  • the ring of light
  • Greg's diary 

I love Jacqueline Wilson! I've read all her books.

my favorite place to read is bathroom because is a very quiet place