Do you like reading? Do you have a favourite book or comic? Tell us all about what you like to read here.

Your Turn: Reading
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i am from japan,tokyo. i read mostly naruto novels they are all about ninja

Yes I do like reading. My favourite comic book is Tinkle. I like to read mostly mystery stories, frictional stories, adventurous stories etc. I like books like Divergent, Secret seven, Mystery of...... . These are my favourite books.


I love animal book

i like comics such as Doraemon 

Hi everyone!! I am Vietnamese.
I like reading so I love my book . I would read about history ,math and english.
Usually, I am reading comic book .
My favorite book is Thomas Edison .


i like reading
i love japan
and i would read about it
ex ( about : his history ) good
and i would be see it
and i read many book about it
and i knew a little something about it
thank you very much

Yes I love to read so much. 
My favourite book is "Just as long as We're together" - Judy Blume. It's about friendship. Best friendship.  
I'll be very happy if I can find here something about London. I want to live there, that's my bigest dream. I would like to know something more about his history. Something about what is special for him (something about his history, present, futur). Some buildings. IDK almost everything :)

hi , i love read books .
  i have many books
i love read books of Science and math and english .
reading is my hobby .

Hi CreamFireHorse and BrightEmerald80,
Keep up your reading and writing, and you never know, perhaps one day your books will be published!
Good luck!
LearnEnglish Kids team

Hi to everyone!
I like very much reading: you can say that I'm a bookworm. Because I live in a double-language environment, I read also in two languages. As for Italian, my favourite book is "Il diario di Anna Frank" (in English I think it's called "The Diary of Anne Frank"). As for Croatian, i really like a book series, which is named "Pet prijatelja" (I'm sure that in English the title is "The famous five"). These books are a little bit old, but I suggest you to read them. Here I like to read almost everything.