Do you like reading? Do you have a favourite book or comic? Tell us all about what you like to read here.

Your Turn: Reading
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Hi all! I'm Medha and I live in India. I'm new to this site. I hope it will help me to improve my English and have some fun. I simply adore reading. I mostly read mystery novels as I love suspense. My favourites are the Nancy Drew series. I also like comics.

Helle my friends, my name is Berkem. I'm from Turkey, I like English so much and ı want to be an English teacher in future. I want speak friends. I like fantastic books, mystery books and comics , another ı like cartoons :)) I love learn English Kids thanks British Council, I love you :)) And ı want to say that: I aggree with Extra Pearl 7000, I like English but I don't speak well. I WANT TO LEARN :) I love everyone - I want World Peace.. :)

Hi! I am Vikashana. I am from SriLanka. I love to read science fiction and mystery stories. One of my favourite mystery story is Nancy Drew.

Hy, my name`s Tinkara and I from Slovene. I like reading. My favourite book are Princes diery from Meg Cabot. But I like reding a magazin BRAVO too.

Hi! My name is Shreya and I am from India. My favourite story is Snow white and seven dwarfs. I like to read stories from Children's magazine.

Hi, my favorite book is The Call of the Wild by Jack London.

I love that book. It is very exiting and funny book. It's about a dog and his owner Thorton. 

My favourite book is Sleepover of Jacqueline Wilson.Well,it's really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi. I am jet. I'm from vietnam. I'm a student. I'm a new member of learn english kids. i hope to receive yours helping. My english is very bad. So, i usually have mistake when writing. i hope you will understand what i said. Thank you

hey jet.
 dont worry i am english and i am not not that good at it!
i hope we can be friends :)