Do you like reading? Do you have a favourite book or comic? Tell us all about what you like to read here.

Your Turn: Reading
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  • i love reading because it help you larn words and  it make you read everday

sorry but I perhaps have you describe America? we want to go!
where do you live?
by aurora


I have a dog, a ball and I play with my dog.  I throw the ball up in the sky and he catches the ball doing a somersault. I like football and playing with my dog. He's called Kipper and he is a very good goalkeeper.

Hi my name is Farras and I am from Indonesia. My favourite book is Lupus,Si  Kembar Sekar dan Mekar and Chocolate Milk.

Hello, I love novels about the Middle Age . I'm french,
I love this website!!!!!!

hello I'am fine.i like read but i heven't got comic!

hello everybody...I like reading. My favourite book is my left foot from Christie Brown

Hi......I'm Jasmine.I'm from Indonesia. My favourite book is Lupus by Hilman and Boim

Hi Jasmine, I am Zahide..I like reading. My favourite book is my left foot from Christie Brown. I am from Turkey if you want we can be friends and we can chat to practice English sometimes.

Hi all! I'm Medha and I live in India. I'm new to this site. I hope it will help me to improve my English and have some fun. I simply adore reading. I mostly read mystery novels as I love suspense. My favourites are the Nancy Drew series. I also like comics.