Do you like reading? Do you have a favourite book or comic? Tell us all about what you like to read here.

Your Turn: Reading
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I love reading books. It is very good and fun. My favorite book is The Call of the Wild by Jack London. It is a very fun and intresting strory. 

I also read your name and how old are you?


i like learn english kids

Hello everybody!I am PrincessMermaidSweet!
I like reading books very much.It's a of my hobbies.
I love to read science books because I think that science books are amazing!I am interested in Science but unluckily,my school doesn't have Science lessons.I only have *G.S lessons but G.S lessons are like Science sometimes.I can learn about the 8 planets,the plants and animals by reading science books.My favorite science books are Horrible Science.I think those books are very funny and not boring.
I like reading story books too because I think that I am very relaxed when I am reading story books.The characters in the books are often very cute,beautiful and funny.So that make the story books become more interesting!I read Snow White,The Sleeping Beauty,Peter Pan,*etc.
Let's stop here.Goodbye everybody!
*G.S means General Studies
*etc means so on

 I also like science books I have a 
hole set.

Hello! I love reading. My favourite books are Geronimo Stilton books and my favourite comic is Mickey Mouse. For my birthday I got a lot of books. Now I am reading Tata Matilda. It is very funny!!!!!!! 

it's nice to talk you.
i have a little comics.   if you have, you can swap for that one? 

  • i love reading because it help you larn words and  it make you read everday

sorry but I perhaps have you describe America? we want to go!
where do you live?
by aurora


I have a dog, a ball and I play with my dog.  I throw the ball up in the sky and he catches the ball doing a somersault. I like football and playing with my dog. He's called Kipper and he is a very good goalkeeper.