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Your Turn: Reading
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I love reading so much. I love Japanese comics such as Miko, Doraemon and Conan.

i like favorite book is tin tin comic.its realy cool.

i love to read my favorite book "dork diaries"

i like SO much reading.
my favorite books are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Heros of Olympus. i rather fiction books, the others are not interesting for me.
J.K.Rowling and Rick Riordan are my idols.
I want to be like them when I grow up.

About lady bug!!!

Hello,my's name MasterSilver500.
I love reading comics.I like"Doraemon"beacuse its very funny.
The story is about Nobita who is bad at sport.One night Doraemon came to help Nobita.
Doraemon has lot of gadets to help Nobita.There are more characters like:Shizuka,a lovely girl learn very good.In every test,Shizuka always got 95 points;Suneo,a boy always laughing at Nobita beacuse he is rich,but Nobita is very poor.Jaian,who big fat boy,he loves singing,but the sound is very bad.Jaian always hit Nobita.In the final story of Eposide 6 name"Goodbye Doraemon"Nobita doesn't use Doraemon's gadets but he is very brave to attack Jaian.He has win.Doraemon was so happy beacause he has won Jaian.In the last night,after Nobita is sleep,Doraemon go back year 2112.Dorami has been cretate in year 2114.The cupboard is way in Doraemon's Time Machine.The mirror is way in Dorami's.

I like that to,like you

I like reading every book or comic.

i am a comic author!i can make whatever any comic you want to:)