When do you give presents to people? Who do you give presents to? Do you make presents or do you buy them? What's your ideal present?

Your Turn: Presents
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  • i give presents to people on their birthday  igive my friends and family  sometimes i buy it and somtimes i make it               my idea of presents is a cake or acard or a nacklece

 hiiiiii my name is hellosmilinghello . how r you?

Hey! dose you guy like present ? We have a lot of present in our brithday right? I hope you guy enjoy your brithday.

The best present is a physics book because I like science books. I use the book at school.

My best present is the video game Infamous second son for the PS4. I got the present for my birthday.

MetaGrassRabbit why you like vido game? Minecraft is my best game, dnowload it on your computer/ i - pad.

I give presents when is someone's birthday, or some event etc. I give presents to my family and my friends. I usualy buy them, but for my family or for my dear BFF I make them with my own arms. And my brain. :D  My idel present is some spcial book (like I gave to my bff (As long as we're together - it's about friendship)) or some postcard, clothes etc

i give presents on Christmas, birthday.

In the Christmas day , l gave my mother a present  . l make a cake . l think big cake

me also like present and gives my famliy .