When do you give presents to people? Who do you give presents to? Do you make presents or do you buy them? What's your ideal present?

Your Turn: Presents
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i want money for present.

i get presents

I give presents in Christmas, birthday or special day for my family ,friend .Some time i buy them ,sometime i make gifts for friend. My idea presents is H-E-A-R-T and handing them out to everyone.

I give presents to everybody on friendship and cousin's day. It will be great if I could recieve a present every month! But I get presents only on my birthday.

I like it very much.

i want a superhero

My idol present is car

Santa Claus gives presents to me and my sister. My ideal present is an ipad.

We give presents both on Christmas day and on New Year's day. My parents give presents to us and I give presents to my sister and my friends. For me the ideal present is to feel good with my family and friends.

In my family we give presents on New Year's day. I give a present to my sister and I take a present from my sister. I make presents. I write my own books and I give them. My ideal present is my telescope.