Have you got a pet? If so, tell us all about it. If not, would you like to have a pet? Which animals do you think make the best pets?

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I  have a pet.It a dog.my pet name is lolla.It is black.It is small.I take care of may dog.I  am good friend to my dog.I play,feed,I give bath to my dog.Lolla is a good pet  becouse it dasem bite.

Hİ , ı have a pet caretta caretta.

Hello dear friends,
 Oh... I haven't got a pet. My mother don't want to have any. But I want a dog... I want to have it very much!!! But I won't  have It.... But  I'm happy without pets too!!!
  Bye, Polina

No, I haven't got a pet, but it is my greatest wish to get a female dog. This dog will be named Scarlet.

 i have a white cat. he is so soft and fluffy. it has some black spots on it and have round, big eyes. i love him. he plays with me. one, i also had a cute family of bunnies. they were so so cute but we shifted to another house and we forgot to take them. now, i dont know what will be happening to them. hope they will be fine. but when i found a new pet cat, all my worries are gone and i love my cat very much.
                                                                                              thank you.

 hello! I am ClimbingWalrusAstronaut. I have two fish. The small one's name is Roo. The big one's name is Marble.

 I would like to have a dog or a bird. I hope my parents will buy me some!!!!!

  I have some fish. I really like them but the small one names Roo jumbs out of the vase and it dies. poor it!

I   have  cat name is  KITI