Have you got a pet? If so, tell us all about it. If not, would you like to have a pet? Which animals do you think make the best pets?

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Hello my name is Giovanni and my favourite animal is a dog and lives in the home's Granthmouther

I would like a cat or a dog. I'd take care about them.  I think dogs are the best pets.

 I have got a kitten. He is white and black. His name is Barsik. He runs very fast. I like cats.

Do you like cats?

No, I don't have a pet. Yes I would like to have a pet, dog. I think that will be cats, dogs, monkey...

I have not pet but my favourite pet is cat.

I have a cat and her name is Fifi, she really clever and smart. I really love her

I have 2 dogs and over 20 goldfish. 1 of my dogs is a pain the other 1 just lays on the bed all day and does nothing. they'll do anything for a sweet.

dog is my life

I dont have a pet but I have wrote a poem on a cat:
My cat's name is pussy
its very soft and fluffy
it act's as mad to me 
I dont do bad to it
I'll give you more milk
but dont take my favourite chocolate the DAIRYMILK  SILK

I'am eager to have a pet but the only problem is:who will clean the area
living with pets is fun
pets have great talents
some can run very fast,some can leap high,some can speak
1 of the pet which is in many varieties is a dog
there are more than25 varieties of dogs
parrot is another pet which can speak
having pets is not a good decision
because only when the animal is happy in the envioronment
the enviorenment looks nice

Hi ProfessorVioletTomb,
I like your poem! I love cats, I've got two. I think they make the best pets!

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team