Have you got a pet? If so, tell us all about it. If not, would you like to have a pet? Which animals do you think make the best pets?

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Hi evrebody I am from Poland.I have got five animals, fish,dog,bird,turtle and rabbits

HELLO.,I 'am  safiyyah, from Niegeria.well,mmm  I've not got any pets,beacuse I dont realy like them.and if I want one I will  choose a hamster or a talking parrot.and I think the animals  that can make good pets  are cats, dogs,hamsters or parrot !.

I like hamsters, too.

Hello! I'm vy. I had a dog when I was 4 years old. His name is Kiki. He was a smart and good dog i ever have, but  he  died along time a go. I'm very sad without him. Now I want to have a dolfiln and a lion-my favorite animal

You Can`t It Is A Wild Animal....!!!

 My name is Pietra. Im fron Brazil. I have 6 pets. my favorite pet is a dog ,her name is Lillol. She is a black.She can bite .She has eyes brown.

Hi my name is Karris. I am from England. I have 3 Dogs called Tia Monster and Sooty.
Monster and Sooty are Tias puppies she had more puppies but we sold them but my Mam and Dad said we could keep Monster and Sooty they are so cute and i love playing with them and taking them for walks in the fields and down the park.

Hi i'm Davy, i am from Holland, Rotterdam. I have 3 turtles, Speedy, Bullet and Lightning.
From animals i like turtles and cats and dogs the most, but my mom and dad are saying every time: you can't get a dog or a cat, because otherwise your brother may get sick, so i asked for turtles, and my mom and dad said: yes!
so i am happy now, but i like cats and dogs the most. Thank you.

hello,i'm Maan i love pets
my cat and i playing football that's fun!!

 Hi, I'm Hana. I am from Bosnia. From all animals i like cats the most, so, a cat is my pet.
His name is Shapa, and he is about an half year old. It was a kitten when i got him. He is a "pretty kitty". i play with him every day, when i come from school. he is a black-white cat. i couldn't live whit out him.... Most people say that a dog is a man's best friend, but i think that cats are the man's best friend. my "pretty kitty" is always there when i am sad, or i don't feel so good. he come near me and starts watching me...like he is staring in the middle of my sole. his beautiful green eyes are not like peoples eyes. when u look carefully in his eyes, u can see that he want to find out what is wrong whit me, why am i not playing...i love my Shapa so much. my little " pretty kitty" .