Have you got a pet? If so, tell us all about it. If not, would you like to have a pet? Which animals do you think make the best pets?

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Great writing Extra Quartz3!
Thanks for telling us all about the pets you'd like to have. Miss Lucky Mouse (editor)

I Love Pets I Have Three Pigions And Three Fishes
I Love To Feed Them......!!
My Pigions Are Babies So They Don`t Know To Eat......So I Feed Them
So Sweet....!! I Like The Most When They Open Their Mouths and Ask For Food.....
I First Had One Pigion And The Another One Came And Killed It......Which I Kept It For Two Years~!!!
But Anyway I Know Have Three Pigions And Now I Am Happy.......!!!!!

I haven't any pet,but i want a dog. Perhaps a Golden Retriver is the best dog for my. Maybe  in the near future I will have a dog.

Hi,my name is Sara,I´m from Spain and I have a Hamster called Canela.
Canela is so cute,she has got white,grey and brown fur.
She is 6 months old.

 Hi, I'm Phuong Ha. I'm from Vietnam.
I have fish and a bird, but I don't really like them. The fish are boring, just swim and swim. The bird doesn't sing a lot, and I don't really like his song. If I can have one more, I will choose a rabbit because it cute. I love rabbit from 4 years old to now. I also love a cat. But I don't like animal very much. Sometime they make me angry.

I thing the seam.
The fish and birds are boring.I thing the rabbits and dogs or cats are more cute and interesting.

Hello, my name is Emily, and I live in England. I have 13 pets, which you might find a little starnge but you will find out why very soon! I have a pet rabbit called Polo, he has red eyes and white fur, and he is the size of a giant rabbit if you have ever seen one. I got him from a pet shop that you might have heard of called Pets At Home. He was the last rabbit they had that day and we arrived just in time to collect him. When I saw him I fell in love instantly, just knowing how much I would love him and how much he would love me. He was my 10th birthday present but we got him a couple of weeks before my birthday. Before we got Polo, we got three ferrets called Salt, Pepper and Vinnie. Salt and Pepper are both girls but Vinnie is a boy. If you type in ferrets on the internets and look at some pictures they look just like normal ferrets with the gray and cream fur. Pepper over the past couple of weeks has had eight baby ferrets, which are adorable! Me and my sister are keeping two which are going to be called Branston and Tom. She has had five boys and three girls, but my dad says that it would be easier just to have two boys! Salt is expected to have babies too with in the next couple of weeks or so. Vinnie is so far the father or eight but there will be more very soon. Anyway, lets turn the subject onto our kitten, Rocky. He is black and white with a very cute face. I still remember when we went to see him, just to make sure he was the one we wanted, and I got to stroke him and his fur was just so sort. Accasionaly, he has a fight with next doors adult cat, Sparkie, and rocky always tries his hardest to win but he never does. Anyway, thats all I can say for now, bye write more soon, Emily.

I also have a pet.It´s a hamster.I live in a flat and I can´t have big pets or so many as you.I´d like to live in a house.I´ll have a dog.

Hi evrebody I am from Poland.I have got five animals, fish,dog,bird,turtle and rabbits

HELLO.,I 'am  safiyyah, from Niegeria.well,mmm  I've not got any pets,beacuse I dont realy like them.and if I want one I will  choose a hamster or a talking parrot.and I think the animals  that can make good pets  are cats, dogs,hamsters or parrot !.