Have you got a pet? If so, tell us all about it. If not, would you like to have a pet? Which animals do you think make the best pets?

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Hi!!! My name is Svyat, i'm from Russia. I've got a pet cavy, its name is Ron.It love to run and jump like a popcorn.He is doing it right now , when I'm writing. He is trying to eat my laptop. I love him very much, because he is very funny!

Yes, I have some pets. I have two dogs. They are Nero and Nera, german shepperd dogs. I also have some birds, a turtle and many fishes. I like animals. But, I love dogs very much.

Hi, i am Indonesia Kids too. I have two dogs and one rabbit. They are Debby and Dexter, husky dogs. My rabbit name is Rocky. Rocky is likes to eat carrot. Rocky's colour is white.

i have 2 pet dog .they're name are sugar and smart. sugar is Labrador Retriever.smart is Norwegian Elkhound .sugar is so cute.but i like smart more than sugar because smart is very strong.it always being my best pets

my pet is zoe, my dog.

My pets names are Fuzzy and Lily and Rose.

i want also i pretty dog
and his Name will be spessili

Hello,my name is Eddie.I have a pet.It's a goldfish.It's name is Tom.

i dont have a animal but i want have a hourse
i love hourses

I have a cat called Marble and I am loyal to her but I really want a pet tortoise or turtle. I would cally my turtle or tortoise Tortilla The Tortoise or Tortilla The Turtle!